History of the Kamaole Sands Rental By Owner Condominium Listing

For years, the independent Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage (KamSandsInfo.com), maintained by Paul and Kathleen Twelker, has provided a valued communication link between owners and the AOAO. As a way to help cover expenses, owners were invited to become sponsors and donate toward web maintenance. As a gesture of gratitude, owners were given a personal web page to advertise their unit. Later, the Owners Rental Committee of AOAO (ORC) provided a master calendar service that made it easy for prospective guests to see at a glance which units were open. The ORC used the Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage to provide condo description webpages for owners that needed them, and both webpages were linked together to help prospects identify their vacation rental unit.

In 2009, the ORC launched the KamaoleSands.net web page to publicize the resort and to help owners book their units. Rather than duplicate services that for years had been offered to owners through the Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage, it was decided to continue the cooperative effort between the two entities. The ORC, through fees collected from owners using the master calendar service, buys through programs such as Google Ad Click to direct prospects to KamaoleSands.net. The Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage was responsible for web page development and maintenance. For several years, prospective guests entered the calendar and owner-direct condo listing through two portals, the ORC web page or the Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage. In April, 2011, the Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage was retired from service. 

The services of ORC's KamaoleSands.net webpage are open to all owners at a very nominal fee. The services are meant to supplement the owner's personal use of rental management companies and other booking agencies.

Revised Directions for Directory Listing and Web Page Development

To utilize the services of the Kamaole Sands Owners Webpage, owners need to do one or two things:

contact Craig Chandler and join the ORC master calendar program. You have the option of linking your unit description on the calendar to an existing webpage (e.g., your personal condo webpage), a VRBO webpage, a Flickr photo gallery, or a webpage developed by Paul Twelker. There is an annual charge for the calendar service.

Use of the ORC calendar is highly recommended. A calendar is a very important tool for marketing your unit. In today's fast moving society, prospective renters will not tolerate long waits between emails, just to find out that your unit is unavailable. Many prospective guests look only at properties that have online availability calendars. And many potential guests appreciate the ability to scan for vacancies on the master calendar. The annual charge for the ORC availability calendar not only gives you a marketing edge, it also helps buy supplementary advertising. The bottom line: prospects must have "need-to-know" information quickly and conveniently.




In order to reduce web page maintenance costs, all owner web pages must utilize a Flickr account for their images. If you do not have a Flickr account, you may create one free at www.flickr.com. Click the Create Your Account button and fill in the details. When you are done, sign into your account (if you are not already signed in) and look for the Upload Photos and Videos button. Click Choose Photos and Videos. A screen with your computer directory will appear. Now the fun begins ("Where did I store my photos. Hmmm"). Locate your photos and select the ones to upload. Then click the upload button (Step 2). When you upload photos, use the raw full-sized image that you got from the camera, or an edited image that was saved in a high pixel mode. Never use thumbnails or small-sized images. Finally, you will want to add titles and descriptions to your photos, and organize your photos into a unique folder (set) on your Flickr site (Step 3). Click Organize and Create to develop a set.

You may label your unique folder (set) any way you wish, for example, “condo” or "2-201" (without the quotation marks.) Flickr makes placing photos in your set a breeze. You just drag them into a workspace and then create the set. Drag any photo into your set you want to appear in your slide show. Do not duplicate photos. It is always nice to title your photo. That way, a person will see the title when they cursor over a photo on your page. How many pictures you upload is entirely up to you, but 16 should be an upper limit. Please try to include living area, kitchen, each bathroom, each bedroom, lanai, and lanai view (taken from your slider door or lanai or railing).

Your Flickr photo gallery link can appear either in your calendar in lieu of any web page, or it can appear on your customized web page that Paul Twelker develops for you. If you wish it linked with your calendar, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   Please provide your Flickr account number and set number, along with your name and unit number. The easiest way to do this is to sign on to your Flickr account, then click on Photostream, then Sets. Then click on the set you created for your condo pictures. Copy the URL of your set  in your browser's address bar. It looks something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31481307@N08/sets/72157617121420696/

If you ever wish to update photos, you may do it at any time. I do not even need to know. You are in complete control. If you have more than one unit, create a unique folder (set) for each condo. You may use the same account.


Take a look at some of the current vacation rental listings (e.g., http://www.kamaolesands.net/vacationrentals/1-bdrm/21.html. You will see an introductory paragraph, details, rate information, blackout dates, and contact information. I need your text for each unit you list.. If you use ORC's calendar, I will link to that for rate information so I will not have to keep changing rates through the year. If you have your own webpage, including VRBO, I will link to it for rate information, and will not list rate information on your page. Choose your text wisely. You are competing with other owners for attracting potential guests. Be sure to mention things that set your unit apart.


1. Currently, owners do not have the ability to access their webpages for editing. If changes are desired, the revisions must be done by the webmaster. However, those who utilize the ORC's calendar or another webpage such as VRBO will have the ability to edit their own calendar and rate information. Therefore, for those owners using the ORC's calendar service, their webpages will refer potential guests to their calendar for rate information. That reduces the work load for the webmaster immensely.

2. Our original shadowbox slideshow plug-in (as well as several others) do not work with the current virtual server that ORC has selected to use. Therefore, I will link your photo gallery to your Flickr slideshow directly. An awkward work-around, but that is the best I can do.

3. In times past, I received an annual contribution as well as a page development fee. Currently, in lieu of receiving fees for developing and maintaining your web page, I have negotiated with ORC for advertising space to promote our retail and internet catalog business (The Last Resort). This saves you money and gives us a valuable edge in search engine optimization. The only fee you will pay is for the calendar program.

Adding Photos to Your Flickr Gallery at a Later Date

  • 1. Log into your account.
  • 2. Click Upload
  • 3. Click Choose Photos and Videos
  • 4. Upload your photos.
  • 5. Next you will want to add the photos to the appropriate set.
  • 6. Click Organize and Create
  • 7. Click Sets
  • 8. Double-click a set to open it.
  • 9. Drag photos from your photostream at the bottom of the page to the set in your workspace.
  • You have just revised your set..

Mahalo and aloha. Any questions? I'm here for you!

Paul Twelker, Webmaster Pro tempore